Interactive, informative, invigorating 

"The number one reason why I started to share what I have learnt through my experience as an entrepreneur, on stage and via Youtube are the people."

Christoph believes that interaction, feedback and discussions are key to a good talk. During a Keynote, he likes to understand who is sitting in front of him, what background do they have and why the topic in question is important to them. As an entrepreneur who works day-to-day as CEO of Blackboat, he understands the demands that a very 'digital' workplace can bring. His goal is to make people understand that we are not at the mercy of our digital devices, we are in control of them.

Just like with any 'transformation,'  change doesn't happen overnight, but in the case of 'digital transformation' - especially within a company, it needs to be a team effort. Christoph's innovative, energetic, matter-of-fact style has proven again and again, to not only inspire and inform but at the same time, to break down the well-known 'automation anxiety' surrounding this topic.

In this way, whether your target audience members are 'Tech-Wizards' who essentially already live online, old-school nostalgics who miss the days of dial-up Internet or somewhere in between - Christoph is dedicated to uniting every participant under the same goal - achieving faster, more transparent communication by utilising the tools and the methods that go with them, to their highest potential.

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Keynote Topics 

Christoph covers a wide variety of topics, thanks to 20 years experience of being an entrepreneur as well as his Project Work with Blackboat. These topics range from Digital Transformation and AI, as far as Productivity, Collaboration & Communication.
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All Keynotes can be conducted in German and English. 
Keynote Title/ Content is tailored to each client individually.

Visit Christoph's Youtube Channel for more Keynote Footage or to explore the wide variety of Topics that he covers:

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