New Work involves a high level of communication. Video and Podcast release with the viewer a very high measure at emotions, which can help the change and more transparency in the enterprise to carry. New Work also stands for empowering people to learn and do things themselves. Christoph has stared to produce weekly content and share his experience about New Work and Digital Transformation. He now shares his filmmaking and podcast experience with clients and produces selected projects for clients.

Content Creation Coaching for Clients

With the 'Content Creation Program' for companies, his team enables the internal communications departments not only to be familiar with the strategy of modern communication in social media, but also to become all-rounders in the areas of video production for social media and company-internal channels, podcasts and micro-content.

Film Projects for Clients

This is the documentary produced for HYROX (a new fitness sport format). Christoph and his creative team produced this film for Michael Trautmann, his podcast partner. With just 4 people this documentary has been produced with a minimum effort:

“A challenge “for Every Body” - this is the concept behind HYROX . The first fitness competition for amateurs and professional athletes alike. With 8 x 1km running and 8 different fitness workouts Football Coach and TV-Host Patrick “Coach” Esume calls HYROX the “crossfit for everyone”. Join us on our journey to the first HYROX world championship in Oberhausen where we followed the athletes Imke Salander, Lukas Storath and Joschua Wichtrup on their way to the top. And get an impression of an event full of emotion, passion and pure commitment to the challenge. Welcome to the HYSOCIETY! “