the ‘On the way to new work’ podcast


The 'On the Way to New Work' podcast is a weekly interview series by Blackboat founder and CEO Christoph Magnussen and thjnk group chairman Michael Trautmann. It focusses on the people leading digital transformation in the workplace and on how exactly work is changing, through the introduction of new tools and new work methods. 

It started during a trip to New York where the two entrepreneurs had the idea for a shared book project and thereafter, they began to document their interveiws for the book in the form of a podcast. The larger part of the interviews are in German and their participants range from top level executives like Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner or Volkswagen CDO Johann 'JJ' Jungwirth, to founders like Christian Häfner, who works entirely remotely and even including 15 year-old students who run their own agency in the afternoon. 

The videos below are our vlogs from our trip to the ‘New Work’  godfather Frithjof Bergmann.