THIS IS HOW you can hire me as a speaker

You can also let me know if you are instead interested in a BLACKBOAT or a film project.

Step 1

Drop us a line. Contact us using the form below. Christoph's PA, Tessa, who is responsible for organizing all of his keynotes will contact you directly.

Step 2

Let's talk... In the initial briefing, we will discuss availability as well as the basic details of the event and you will receive an official price quote for the event in question along with our general T's & C's. This acts as our form of 'contract' and is an official offer from our side, to have Christoph as a speaker for your event. 

Step 3 

Acceptance & planning. Nice! Now we're officially on-board. In the planning-phase, the full details of the event are discussed and organized. As part of this process, there are a number of questions that are important both logistically and creatively, so that we can provide the best possible experience for all involved.

Step 4

Personal briefing. Before every big speaking event, Christoph ensures a personal briefing between himself and you, the client. This usually happens 2-4 weeks before the event and is meant as a deep-dive into the topic of the event. It is important for us to know as much as we can about who will be at the event, what are their expectations as well as their fears and their experience with the topics that will be discussed. The better prepared we are, the better the outcome for your audience members!

Step 5

The Event: You've done all you can to prepare for the event; we'll take care of the rest!


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